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Missions and objectives

The Asfari Foundation is a British grant-making charity set up by Ayman and Sawsan Asfari in 2006. The Foundation focuses its efforts in the Levant and UK.

Through its grant-making programmes, the Foundation invests in, and supports the sustainability of, a resilient and empowered civil society infrastructure and innovative youth, who can collectively lead a transformational positive change in their communities and countries.

Together with its valued partners, the Foundation is determined to realise its vision for a just world where people have equal opportunities to transform their lives, invest in their communities, and shape the future of their countries.


Main Activities

Grant-making through our ‘Civil Society Programme’ (CSP) and ‘Youth Learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme’ (YLEAP). We have added a new cross-programme grant – ‘Digital Transformaton Grant’ (DTG) in 2021.

Co-creating a civil society knowledge hub with local civil society partners from the region, called ‘Midan’. Midan is a knowledge hub and creation space where local civil society organisations of the Middle East can access learning, exchange knowledge, and collaborate locally and globally.

Convening and actively fostering collaborative, innovative approaches to tackling the challenges faced in our region, and elevating that learning from local to global.