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Missions and objectives

Sharq.Org is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and strengthen pluralism and independent thought throughout the Arab world.

Our mission is to strengthen the ability of people in the Arab world to hear and be heard and to engage in honest productive interactions. We do so by developing opportunities for citizens to learn the skills needed for productive expression and debate and providing opportunities for people to apply such skills and interact fruitfully with others.

We believe in the individual as a motor of change; in a commitment to limiting citizen reliance on group representation; and in a dedication to the development of innovative and attractive platforms.

We support the creation of independent spaces and platforms that enable uncensored exchange of ideas and aim to improve the quality of representation and storytelling in the Arab world through engagement with journalists, artists and activists.

Our partners have included the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the KAICIID Dialogue Centre, the Swedish Institute, Creative Commons, the Arab Human Rights Fund, UCL Qatar, the UK FCO, the Asfari Institute, the Issam Fares Institute at AUB, and Creative Commons.

Main Activities

Our work centres around promoting pluralism and independent thought within the Arab world, a region populated by people of different ethnicities and religious denominations and where almost all regimes are authoritarian. We promote and facilitate the growth of pluralistic attitudes through:

Documenting, curating and sharing personal stories that address issues common to people from multiple communities (culture, work and freedom) to expand prevalent narratives and promote inclusiveness and empathy.

Producing and publishing reports with a positive social impact by engaging, training and mentoring journalists and researchers and enhancing their capacity to professionally identify and critically address issues of significance to local populations.

Creating cultural and artistic products that explore and reflect individual narratives and local themes, and creatively reach out to diverse audiences to instigate discussion and debate.

Bringing diverse people together to observe and converse and engage within existing and newly formed community structures to enhance empathy, understanding and collaboration.

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Reem Maghribi