Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage (SOCH)

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Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage (SOCH)



Republic of Yemen



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Missions and objectives

Third: The main objectives:
1) The establishment of the Sand Organization for Cultural Heritage aims to implement the goals of the organization in the field of protecting cultural heritage in its tangible and intangible aspects, natural heritage and its urgent and supportive interventions during armed conflicts and natural disasters that threaten the archaeological, urban, movable and natural heritage from extinction, destruction and fading
In order to achieve these goals, the Cultural Heritage.
2) Contributing to the protection of archeology and archaeological sites and the preservation of cities, regions and historical monuments through supportive intervention programs during armed conflicts and natural disasters.
3) Providing the appropriate items in support of the efforts of official institutions and bodies concerned with the process of preserving the fixed and transferred archaeological and architectural heritage from deterioration, looting and theft.
4) Encouraging the behavior of society that emphasizes respecting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage by spreading awareness of the importance of preserving cultural and natural heritage.
5) Working to take the necessary measures to face the potential impacts of unauthorized activities and their impacts on natural heritage.
6) Contributing to financing projects for the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and protection of movable and architectural heritage by inviting the international community local and international organizations to obtain an urgent priority to provide financial, technical assistance in securing financing projects in order to ensure the success
7) Contributing to the protection of the natural heritage, the protected areas threatened with destruction by human and natural activities, and to preserve and protect them.
8) Paying attention to handicrafts and traditional industries, revitalizing and developing them in cooperation with official bodies and local and international organizations.
9) Paying attention to the needs of the sites and places of cultural and natural heritage and developing the standards that lead to their complete preservation.
10) Encouraging the exchange of information and research in the field of tangible and intangible cultural heritage between the organization and the relevant international and local organizations.
11) Contributing to the process of rehabilitation and advancement of cultural heritage by organizing and preparing workshops to teach heritage and preserve it from extinction, destruction and fading.
12) Preparing and laying down urgent and urgent policies, plans, and programs for the maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation, and protection of antiquities, archaeological sites, cities, regions, and historical monuments.
33) Preparing programs aimed at preserving manuscripts projects and providing laboratories and materials for maintenance, restoration and preservation in coordination with the relevant authorities.
14. Participate and contribute to cultural events at the local and international levels.

Main Activities

Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage works in the following fields:
1-1 artistic promotion programs and popular shows .
1-2 programs to revitalize handicrafts and traditional industries.
1-3 Programs for protecting sites and natural reserves.
1-4 Tourism and cultural promotion programs.
1-5 Education, training and awareness rehabilitation programs. 1-6 Antiquities preservation and museum conservation programs.
1-7 Programs for the restoration and maintenance of manuscripts, documents and parchments.
1-8 programs for the restoration and rehabilitation of historical and heritage buildings, sites and cities.
1-9 Statistics, evaluation and follow-up programs, and field surveys of cultural heritage.
1-10 Programs to protect cultural heritage during and after armed conflicts and natural disasters.

Contact person

Mohammed Al-Kabous