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– Focus on digital transformation and its impact on international cultural relations (looking at the impact of the global COVID-19 crisis on international cultural relations). What are the new possibilities of international cultural relations? What are the new policy recommendations and strategies on the topic of Digital Cultural Relations? How can digital technologies provide new opportunities to produce and preserve cultural content, facilitate cultural cooperation, bring new forms of international connections between artists, Professionals in Culture and International Cultural Organisations?

– Protection of cultural diversity. How can inter-ethnic cooperation be more open and that this program allow stereotypes to break down and help to develop a reflexive self-identity. How minorities can act as a bridge between countries and peoples; an asset in cross-border cooperation and eliminating isolation between groups.

As a project manager at the Tunis International Center for the Digital Cultural Economy, I am currently working on an exchange artistic residency program between Tunisia and Hungary. The program aims: to strengthen the existing exchange between Hungary & Tunisia; supporting and encouraging contemporary visual arts and promoting international exchange between others countries from worldwide & Tunisia ; to facilitate the exchange of ideas through artistic practice in the areas of visual arts, performance, photography and video.


Main Activities

Cultural manager, researcher, trainer, and film festival programmer. Head of Film and programming Department of Carthage Film Festival from 2015 to 2019 and 2021 and Programmer of Manarat Film Festival 2021 and 2022 in Tunisia. She trained young cultural managers in Tunisia and in Cameroon in organizing film festivals and cultural events.
In 2020, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Cultural Policy and Cultural Management from the University of Arts and Humanities at Hassan II University Casablanca.
Naoures has participated in organizing and programming many Film Festivals in Tunisia such as Cinema for Peace? and others.
Besides Manarat film festival, Naoures is currently working as an Expert, Project Manager of LACEN «Laboratoire de Création des Expériences Numériques» at Tunis International Center for Digital Cultural Economy as well as a Festival consultant at The Arab Film Festival Zurich (IAFFZ).


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Rouissi Naoures


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