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Named after the word movements in Arabic, Platform HARAKAT embodies the inherent contradictions of travelling: movements occur despite and because of a paradox simultaneously promoting, impeding, and forcing mobility. From a situated and cross-disciplinary perspective, Platform HARAKAT proposes to retrace the past and contemporary mobility of knowledge(s), bodies and practices in and beyond the Mediterranean region.

Platform HARAKAT reflects upon different approximations to the journey, the heritage of its traditions and its erasures. The project sets in motion concepts and practices derived from mobility and its shadows, documenting forgotten histories and invisible stories while providing a space for critical reflection and action.

Main Activities

To do so, Platform HARAKAT constitutes itself through an online portal gathering a selection of resources branched in three different categories: Knowledge(s), Tools, and Actions.

Knowledge(s) works as an interdisciplinary constellation of resources reflecting upon Platform HARAKAT ethos. It includes Interviews, Texts and Interventions conforming a selection of research, curatorial and artistic projects concerning Platform HARAKAT’s key themes: nomadism, migration and travelling. The aim of Knowledge(s) is to portray a variety of sources from where to rethink given for granted modes of knowledge production and dissemination.

Tools functions as a repertoire of resources focusing on different modes of knowledge(s) gathering. Tools includes Networks and Platforms, Archives and Info-sites that reflect upon topics such as memory, activism, history and tradition.

To put theory into practice, Actions documents the different collaborative projects in which Platform HARAKAT is involved. From critically reactivating cultural heritage to co-creating nomadic residences and reviewing alternative ways to rethink and interact with the public space and the archive, Platform HARAKAT engages, at different levels and through various formats, in projects that enhance the meaningful mobility of knowledges and practices. The Actions that Platform HARAKAT has developed during the last years are: NACMM – North Africa Cultural Mobility Map, Beyond Qafila Thania, The Art of Getting Lost, Transformer, Resistances by the Sea, Estat Previ and An Event Without Its Poem Is An Event That Never Happened.

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