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Missions and objectives

“PlanBe, Plan it Be it” is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization based in Nicosia, Cyprus, managed by
a team of youth workers, project managers and volunteers.
One of the main aims of “PlanBe” is to contribute to the positive societal changes by promoting wellbeing and
personal development in youth. The mission of our organization is to develop and support the use of nonformal
education, to foster entrepreneurship, to boost creativity, to support environmental consciousness, to
promote sustainability, to foster democracy and human rights and to develop solidarity and tolerance among
youngsters. Our main focus is to promote the cultural heritage of Cyprus and bring youngsters closer to their
tradition, to traditional jobs and the agriculture of our island, and to narrow down the generational gap
between the older and the younger generations.
Therefore, we mainly design and run workshops and projects related to our cultural heritage, tangible and
intangible, and how young people can gain new skills through our traditions and culture but also how
youngsters can help in the preservation of these traditions and their transfer to younger generations.
“PlanBe” has been established to support young people from all over Cyprus within the framework of nonformal
and informal education. Together with volunteers coming from all over Europe, we are creating a
fruitful ground for young people to reach their goals, to gain new skills, to get to know their culture and
cultural heritage and to promote mobility. We are working for and with the youngsters. We encourage their
involvement in the civic space of Cyprus by facilitating innovative free time activities, by stimulating their
creativity and by developing their different skills. We support youngsters to use and develop their capacities,
and to actively participate in the vision of a united Europe in order to foster European cooperation.
Two important priorities for “PlanBe” are to give access to all people, including young people with fewer
opportunities, and to fight against discriminations. As an organization we also understand the need of
empowering the digital dimension of Erasmus+, brought by the 2020-2021 pandemic and we are working
towards sharing useful digital tools with Youth, our participants, youth workers, colleagues and our
volunteers, as well as implementing projects virtually. We are an environmentally aware organisation,
seeking to minimize waste and promote green practices within our projects and workshops.
PlanBe has a big network of partners in Cyprus and in Europe. Also, PlanBe is a full member of Cyprus Youth
Council since October 2015 and Eurodesk multiplier organisation since April 2018 and member in the Anna
Lindh Foundation Network since May 2019. Furthermore PlanBe is a founding member of the International
Association AIM (Amesci International Movement), a network of 17 European Youth NGO’s based in
Brussels. Since October 2018 PlanBe is a member of YouthProAktiv , an international organization based in
Brussels, that aims to create a generation of proactive individuals ready to invest their talents for the
betterment of society by starting their own business and creating jobs for themselves and the others. Since
October 2018 PlanBe is an approved candidate as a host ngo for Erasmus for young entrepreneurs.
Additionally, three Erasmus+ (KA1) projects that we have implemented were awarded with the European
Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH) label because they contributed to the achievement of one or more
of the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. Also, PlanBe is a partner organisation in
two Erasmus+ (KA2) projects, namely You(th) for Cul/Fu(ture), and Social Entrepreneurship Training 4 Youth
Power / SET YP”.
PlanBe has more than 200 members coming from different backgrounds, but mainly youngsters not in
education, employment or training (NEET), youngsters with fewer opportunities, and youngsters who face
economical obstacles or lives in rural areas.

Main Activities

PlanBe is focusing on the personal and professional development of its members and volunteers. With the aim
to foster the development of our local communities, as well as internationally, among others we implement the
following activities:
● Organizing seminars, workshops, lectures and trainings on a local level, in primary schools,
Lyceums, municipalities, youth centers about: environmental issues, upcycling art, agriculture
and youth, career guidance, social inclusion, inspire entrepreneurship, cultural heritage; arts and
crafts, music and dances, traditional jobs.
● Participating in local youth, environmental and career development festivals and exhibitions.
● support of non-formal education;
● promote Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Eurodesk
opportunities to young people
● participation as a partner in more than 140 KA1 European projects, sending more than 520 Cypriots
● hosting 25 Erasmus+ KA1 projects and being a partner in 6 KA2
● Being the coordinator in 4 Erasmus+/ European Solidarity Corps, hosting 20 volunteers
Activities through Erasmus+/Youth inAction:
Coordinator of 2 ka1 Volunteering projects and 2 European Solidarity Corps projects hosting in total 20 volunteers:
● “Youth Force” long term volunteering project October 2018-March 2019
● “The vintage project” short term volunteering project March 2019
● “Re-Imaginers” long term and short term esc project 2019
● “Volunteers on Tour”, long term and short term esc project 2019

Partner in 1 VET learner and staff mobility project:
Partner in 9 KA2 projects. Some of them are:

● “ Dialogue in Adult Education – Dialogue, Peacebuilding and conflict resolution methods for adult learners”
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices 2019
● “TRADE KNOWLEDGE” Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices 2019
● “CROSSOVER: Promoting School Success through Sport” 2019-1-PT01-KA201-060900
● “YES: Youth Engagement in Society ” 2019-2-IT03-KA205-016265
countries, Latin America and Asia 2018
● “YOU(TH) 4 CUL/FU(TURE)”, Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia 2018
Coordinator in 21 ka1 projects:
● “Re-Imagine Again! Reuse our waste with Entrepreneurship” Nicosia district, June 2019
● “One Last Chance: Eris Apple for Conflict Resolution” Nicosia district February 2019
● “Career In Action Part II”, Nicosia District December 2018
● “TraDe Olive: From TRADition to Employment: olive products” Nicosia District
November 2018
● “Cultural Heritage in YOUth” Nicosia District August 2018
● “Social Y.Art – Inclusion for Youth through the art of theatre”, Nicosia District June 2018
● “TraDe Cuisine: From TRADition to Employment: food products” Nicosia District May 2018
● “Hugs 4 All”, a training course for program countries on social inclusion, Limassol Cyprus February
● “Career In Action”, Nicosia district Cyprus December 2017
● “ReImagine our world without waste”, Nicosia district Cyprus October 2017
● “Milestone no 28: Volunteering”, Nicosia district Cyprus August 2017
● “TradeClay-From TRADition to Employment: Clay Creations”,Limassol district Cyprus May 2017
● “Dance your culture”, Nicosia district Cyprus May 2017
● “From TRADition to Employment: wood crafts”, a youth exchange focused on fighting
unemployment through traditional wood related professions, inspiring entrepreneurship.
Kampos village, Cyprus 27th of June until 6th of July 2016
● “Take the Stage”, a train the trainer -mobility of youth workers Limassol Cyprus May 2016
● “Entrepreneurship on your way”. Nicosia,Cyprus 18th to 24th of April 2016
● “Its in your D.N.A. (Development Needs Actions)” a youth exchange on personal
development and fighting youth unemployment. Nicosia district March 2016
● “UpCycling Art” a y.e. focused on the reuse of old materials and products,
transforming them with a creative and entrepreneurship way into new ones. Nicosia
district, August 2015
● “TradEWine”, a youth exchange on traditional professions relevant with Wine products
Nicosia district October 2014
● “Re-Action”, a training course on Human Rights and environmental Issues, Larnaca, November 2014
● “TradE – from tradition to employment” a youth in action 1.1 youth exchange which
aimed to fight unemployment through reviving old professions transforming them in a
new entrepreneurship way. Kampos, Cyprus June 2014

So far we were partners in more than 140 approved Erasmus+ ka1 projects, where we send more than 506
Cypriots as participants among Europe.

Contact person

Maria Drakou