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Pi Youth Association




Akdeniz Mah. 1353 Sokak No:1 Taner İş Hanı Kat:5 D:503 Konak – Izmir



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Missions and objectives

Pi Youth Association is a youth association established in 2014 to enable young people in Turkey to develop knowledge, skills, positive attitudes, and behaviors. It actualizes the European Union’s decisions, Council of Europe, and the United Nations in youth. The Association also maintains its
activities by considering the universal sensitivities, global principles, and principles in human rights,
participation, and environmental issues. The primary mission topic of the Pi Youth Association is youth rights and problems. In addition to this, there are five more mission topics it has; volunteering hours for the spread of volunteering, civil society capacity building to support the development of other youth associations, technology-based development to support general development, healthy
living for youth to spread the habit of healthy living, and analysis of social media, which is one of the most widely used communication tools of the youth.

Pi Youth Association’s target group contains all individuals and youth workers between the ages of 15-30 living in Turkey. From the target group, women, refugees, and disabled people have priority. In addition to carrying out activities to support young’s personal development, Pi Youth Association also works on youth rights to solve the problems experienced by young people in our country. Pi Youth Association also determines its medium- and long-term strategies according to the European Youth Strategy Document and the current youth situation in our country. Since 2016, Pi Youth Association has published its annual activities and balance sheets on its website by the principles of transparency and accountability. It is also a signatory of the donor rights declaration.

Pi Youth Association’s office team consists of 12 people, including four professional employees, two part-time employees, two long-term trainees, and four office volunteers. There is also a volunteer team of local youth, with more than 100 active young people. The name of this volunteer team is Pixel Team. Pixel Team voluntarily supports all projects and activities of the Association. It consists of young people between the ages of 15-30 who regularly participate in the Association’s activities
and training in the Association’s culture.

Pi Youth Association is also a member of many national and international networks. The Association is a member of; Youth Organizations Forum (GOFor), European Youth Foundation, Prisma European Network, and TechSoup Turkey. It is a member of; The Anna Lindh Foundation Euromed, Google for Nonprofits, Microsoft for Nonprofits, and AMSED Member Network. Pi Youth Association is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact. Our Association is also a Eurodesk Contact Point. Pi Youth Association is a local and non-governmental youth organization active in national and international fields and can reach many young people. Social media accounts and the website of the Association are followed by many young. The Association has more than 25,000 followers on Facebook (2 pages both in Turkish and English).

Main Activities

Pi Youth Association works on three levels: local, national, and international. Activities carried out at a local level focus on encouraging the personal development of the youth. These activities range from English Speaking Clubs, gender and anti-discrimination workshops, seminars on the ESC and Erasmus+ program, development workshops on technology skills and creative design, and active volunteering and capacity building training. On the other hand, national activities carried out in youth rights and problems remain the main interest of our organization from the very beginning. One of these national activities, Genç Bak-İş, was a combination of projects that aimed at youth-oriented policy-making, popularization of vocational training, its quality recognition and representing it to decision-makers.
The project was created to answer the lack of qualified personnel with vocational and technical
training on the labor market and young people’s right to education and information. During Genç
Bak-İş, Pi Youth Association conducted extensive research with 3500 youngsters from all around
Turkey and published its findings as an open-source website. Within the scope of the same project,
in 2018, we managed to gather 81 NGO representatives from 81 provinces who came to brainstorm
together in İzmir. Additionally, Genç-Bak İş conducts monitoring on youth rights, youth policies, and
youth employment at a national level. Since the beginning of 2020, under the name of Youth Studies
Library, it has been compiling reports, research results, and documenting decisions concerning
youth at the national and international levels. At the end of 2020, Pi Youth Association plans to
publish this library free of charge as an open-source for all youth workers.
Furthermore, on an international level, Pi Youth Association keeps providing young Turks with
educational activities within the scope of the Erasmus+ program, such as youth exchanges, training
courses, and volunteering abroad under the EVS/ESC initiative.
Pi Youth Association is one of the most active organizations in Turkey in the field of youth. We are
constantly working on providing new and exciting opportunities to the younger generation and ensuring their personal growth. We also conduct monitoring of various initiatives on youth
rights/youth policies on an international level. Thanks to that diligence, we became a part of
international networks, such as the Anna Lindh Foundation, United Nations Global Compact, and
UN Volunteers. Pi Youth Association has supported more than 300 volunteers as a sending
organization since it acquired its EVS/ESC accreditation in 2016. Our organization also completed
ten different EVS/ESC projects as a coordinating organization. All details and ongoing projects can
be accessed straight from our website or by clicking the link below.

Contact person

Kubilay Anıl BİÇER – contact.person@pigenclikdernegi.org