Name of the organization or artist

Peace of Art






Fakiha – North Bekaa






Missions and objectives

Peace of Art is a local organization that uses Art and culture in place of conflict and violence as tools to promote Peace. We create groups of young changemakers to be the future leaders in Art and to transform a culture of violence, discrimination, extremism and ignorance into tolerance, acceptance, development, and freedom. We do this through designed programs that focus on fine Art training (music, theater, photography, film making, drawing), and civil training (citizenship, acceptance toward others, leadership skills, conflict mediation and resolution).
Our Vision
Peace of Art aims to build a young generation that believes in Art and education as a way to solve community problems. And to contribute to establishing an open and tolerant society where young voices engage with each other in the democratic transformation of the region.


Main Activities

Art Training- Civil training- Music Academy- theater- photography- production- Drawing….