Nawa for Culture and Arts Association

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Nawa for Culture and Arts Association



Deir Al-Balah Gaza Strip\Middle Area Palestinian Territories



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Missions and objectives

Mission: NAWA is an NGO that provides innovative cultural, artistic, and educational interventions for children, youths, parents and educators in Deir Al-Balah area.
Strategic Objectives:
Strategic Objective (1): To empower Deir Al Balah’s community culturally, artistically, and educationally.
Strategic Objective (2): To strengthen NAWA’s institutional efficiency and financial sustainability.
Strategic Objective (3): To advocate for raising community sensitivity towards the Palestinian culture.

Main Activities

Culture Program
Arts Program
Formal and Non-formal Education program
Psychological Support Program
Parents Empowerment Program
Educators Empowerment Program
Developing Institutional Efficiency

Contact person

Ghadeer Al Azaiza