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Mouhamed Ndiaye






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Mouhamed Ndiaye “Mooxamed” was born on July 28, 1987 in Senegal. He always paints; it’s natural for him as breathing. Always looking for new inspirations and influences, when he wasn’t actually created, it reinvents and imagines new concepts. Mouhamed graduated from the Training Department of Arts Education Professors at the National School of Arts in Dakar and received with honors his Diploma in Visual Arts. Presently, Mouhamed lives and works in Senegal. Apart from his artist cap and curator, he’s also a Professor of Arts at the Ministry of National Education.

During his artistic career, Mouhamed participated in many international exhibitions and biennial in more than 30 countries (Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Costa Rica, China, Colombia, Dubai, Ecuador, France, Greece, Italy, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Swiss, Turkey, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela…) and opened in national Workshops / Symposiums. Recently his work has been displayed at the Emirates Art Tour, Abu Dhabi & Dubai (2020); Human Right Exhibition as UNESCO Official Partner, Rovereto/Italy; Cheongro Plastic Arts International Festival, Incheon/South Korea; African Contemporary Artists Exhibition, California/USA; Shonan International Fine Art Exhibition, Chigasaki/Japan (2019); Arte Firenze “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Florence/Italy; Arte Paris “Premio Picasso”, Paris/France; Caput Mundi Arte Roma “Premio Giulio Cesare”, Rome/Italy; Arte Lisbona “Premio Vasco Da Gama”, Lisbon/Portugal; International Biennial of Athens “Arte Italia”, Greece.

He received in 2021 the 1st Prize of Universal Star Award and the International Top 10 Awards 2020 from Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam Group of Institutions, India. He got Silver Brush Award 2020 in the International Painting Exhibition from Brilliant Brushes Art Foundation, India; Bronze Award in Art Exhibition “My Monalisa” conceptualized by Uchaan Foundation, India; Special Jury Award from Kalangan Foundation in India. He won the Merit Award 2020 in the International Art Contest “Expressions” organized by Sweety Saradha Art, USA; Primo Premio Internazionale “Grand Tour: European Immersive Experience – Lisbon, Rome, Paris & Florence” in Italy; 1st Mention of Honor in the Expo Art Contest “UNIVERSO”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Main Activities

Mouhamed Ndiaye leads the Presidency of the International Action Art – Department of Senegal, a non-profit organization founded in 2010 based in Nikaia/Greece. It aims to preserve, rescue, disseminate and protect traditional and modern culture, free exchange and circulation of cultural information and idea. It organizes initiatives and program encouraging cultural development and the promotion of peace, friendship and mutual cooperation, social solidarity of equality, the rights of women and the understanding among people who serve the cultural development of their country.
He is also a Committee member of the Red Internacional Creadores Visuales based in Mexico. He is appointed as Country Executive Director and Ambassador in Senegal at the International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority (ICCIRA), based in Brussels, Belgium.