La voix de l’enfant rural -AVER

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La voix de l’enfant rural -AVER



Immeuble Ibn Arafa Rte Tataouine



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Missions and objectives

AVER is an NGO, established mainly for the empowerment of young people through their involvement as active citizens and future leaders within their communities in addition to promoting different forms of cultures and artistic creations .
AVER works very closely with young people on issues of youth empowerment, employability and mobility, inclusion of marginalized youth in the society, gender equality, democracy and active citizenship.
Our main concern is to contribute to building a future generation based on the values of respect for others, open-mindedness and tolerance while working to eradicate all forms of discrimination and violence. Our main activities are the organization of youth exchanges, training sessions and voluntary service programs. We try to give young people the opportunity to excel by building their capacities through non-formal education tools.
Our goals :
* Promote civil engagement among young people and empower their involvement in civil society,
* Strengthen the capacities and skills of young people to help them reach their full potential as responsible and future leaders in their communities,
* Help and mentor young people in the process of integration in the labour market,
* Encouraging dialogue and intercultural learning,
Our mission :
Our main mission is to encourage the young generation to become active citizens in order to participate positively in the development of their communities. We train young people to become future leaders in by supporting them in the creation and management of youth projects and actions directly related to their interests and needs

Main Activities

Major activities and actions of the association:
-Organization of training cycles and thematic networking seminars for youth and youth workers;
-Organization and participation of intercultural youth exchanges;
-Participation in theme activities and awareness days for youth workers and young people;
-Organization of conversation clubs and language exchange.
-Organization cultural and artistic activities

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Anis Saada