Name of the organization or artist

Kurybins ateities idejos



Mogiliovo, 16-30, Klaipeda



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Missions and objectives

Mission – create creative society for better future
1.improve target groups creativity skills
2.develop disabled social inclusion

Main Activities

1. Organize online and life seminars, trainings, active recreation and other events, contests, an educational support projects, engage in sponsored search, develops creative publishing activities, educational topics;
2. Communicate and cooperate with schools, kindergartens, enterprises, institutions, organizations, spreading positive experience in disabled training, improving their employees’ skills, solving performance problems, provide methodological support professional.
3. Looking for economic, technical and international relations and coordinates the actions of members of the Association in the implementation of joint projects;
4. Provide sociological researches in education and training field;

Contact person

Silva Blazulioniene