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Jiwar Creació i Societat has been for seven and a half years a space of creation and residency for artists. The project is inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of JIWAR, evoking a philosophy of life that involves bringing values and connecting experiences. Jiwar residency has been an organic project that has meant, after all, a way of life for the people who have given themselves to the project and have made it possible. During these years, the project has wanted to be given coherence from a triple perspective integrating different disciplines in the same space: promoting interaction with the neighbourhood and the city, creating creative value-carrying dialogues and, placing a special emphasis, will and resources to host non-Western artists. 327 artists have passed, 272 of them in Jiwar’s own programs and the rest from collaborations with other institutions. Through these years Jiwar has also consolidated several projects: Making neighbourhood (5 editions), Xabaca (2 editions), Writing Program (5 editions), l’Hort de la Vila (in force since 2013), Africa Centre collaboration (5 editions) and the Exchange Program (2 editions with Tbilisi and Marrakech).

This first stage of the project ends now with the closure of the physical residence space. From now on a new mental space opens in which Jiwar can grow by working on content and from specific projects.

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After 8 years of artist residency, Jiwar is now starting a new period working through projects and by contents.

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Mireia Estrada G.