Jerusalemite Youth Cultural Forum

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Jerusalemite Youth Cultural Forum



Wadi Hilweh street , Silwan – Jerusalem



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Missions and objectives

To preserve the heritage of Palestine, and empower a generation capable of presenting the Palestinian cause through its rich cultural legacy.
Serving the local society in different fields in order to preserve the Palestinian culture in Silwan in particular and in Jerusalem in general.
Strategic Goals :
• Preserve the cultural and human heritage in Jerusalem and Silwan.
• Provide safe spaces for interaction and self-expression for children and youth without distinction of their age, sex, or social and economic status.
• Empower creative children and youth, and enhance and promote their artistic talents.
• Facilitate cultural participation in Silwan and Jerusalem and promote Palestinian art and artists locally and internationally.
• Improve quality of primary and higher education, and enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of children and youth.
• Support the economic empowerment of women in Silwan and Jerusalem.

Main Activities

a) Silwan Arts School, established in 2018, and aims to promote culture and arts as a means for supporting the wellbeing and resilience of the community, reinforcing its Palestinian identity and character, providing inclusive safe spaces for interaction and free expression to everyone. The School currently runs several programs including the academic education program, outreach education programs, summer camps and educational and public concerts programs. These programs mainly aim at empowering the community, especially children and youth, to claim and enjoy their cultural rights, through enhancing their access to art education and cultural life.
b) Supplementary Educational Activities, which seek to enhance the knowledge, skills and academic achievement of school students in selected subjects considering the challenges faced by the Palestinian education sector in Jerusalem, which limits the capacity of schools to offer quality education that places strong emphasis on critical thinking, creativity and innovation.
c) Women Economic Empowerment, which is implemented in partnership with local female leaders, and aims at supporting and empowering women in Jerusalem through enhancing their capacities in different production activities (food processing, crafts etc.), and improving their access to markets.

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Mr. Mohammed Awar – General Director