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Young Intellectuals, Hope (IRSH)


L Qemal Stafa Rr Daut Borici, 874, Shkoder, Albania



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Missions and objectives

“IRSH” works for development of civil society in Albania as well as promoting peace and stability in the Balkans.

“IRSH” is a socio-cultural association, an independent, non-political and non-profit approved by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports of Albania. We represent people who hope to be intellectuals like teachers, university professors, students, engineers, lawyers, doctors, economists and various NGO groups.

The name of the organization “Young Intellectuals, Hope” means that we have:

“HOPE” to be the best intellectuals

“HOPE” to change the Albanian reality

“HOPE” to promote the Albanian civil society.

Main Activities

Projects focus on the following fields: juridical and human rights, social-economical issues, education, free and independent information development, art, culture, and sports for development. Consisting of approximately 200 members (who, for the most part, are volunteers), IRSH has undertaken a variety of projects, the majority of which feature use of interpersonal communication, in the following areas of focus:• Human rights department, which concentrates on Albanian legislation, advocacy, consultancy trainings, and promotion of women and children rights, etc. Through a collaboration with the Threshold Foundation, IRSH’s project “Contributions for Civil Society, Education and Democratic Participation in Northern Albania” sought to provide information about topics such as: how to promote democratic structures and citizen participation in the region of Northern Albania.• Social-economic department, which analyses socio-economic problems. In collaboration with the Soros Foundation, IRSH organizes courses in economics and marketing for youngsters in Shkoder in order to increase their job prospects. In collaboration with the labor office in Shkoder, IRSH have undertaken different information and promotional campaigns raising the awareness on the importance of professional education and its place in the labor market.• Education department, which pursues such activities as organizing programs and trainings for youth. IRSH implements the program of Albanian Youth Parliament which brings together youngsters from high schools, educating them through peer to peer methodology on democratic participation and learning about parliamentary institution by behaving as one. IRSH also organizes “mock elections” in high schools and trainings for first-time voters.• Media department, which prepare an raise information campaigns for youth issues, raises the awareness on youth problems, organize TV debates and promotes youth activities on social media. This department is working to promote the free and independent flow of information organizing trainings and seminars, empowering youngsters in use and access of information.• Art-Culture and Sport department. Since 2005 and on IRSH have established a youth center in the city of Shkoder to promote cultural and sport activity for youngsters. In this center are being organized most of the activity of IRSH but not only as we have a strong collaboration with other CSOs and local institutions which organize in collaboration with our center activity with focus on art, culture and sport. • Youth department, which deals with youth problems and activities. This department work to promote active citizenship for social change as a way to educate youngsters and citizens on becoming more active in participating concretely by designing local plans of action based in the needs that they, themselves, have identified while discussing in their communities. Our offices and youth center are situated close to the city center and offer a vast number of youth services, most part of the activity are happening in the youth center as we have arranged all the necessary facility and space for events we organize and promote. We have also build a sportive corner which can be used as mini football , basket ball or volley ball field for youngster free of charge promoting sport and healthy lifestyle. In collaboration with Olof Palme International Center we are implementing one of our most important program which consist in involving youngsters in local decision making, promote democracy and raise transparency and accountability in the Municipality of Shkodra. In this frame we have institutionalized and lead a youth board near the Municipality of Shkodra, which involve different youth organizations that come together to discuss and consult with the local authorities youth problems, activities and strategies together also with the decision-making actors of the city. IRSH for the fulfillment of its goals strictly collaborates with local NGOs, local institutions and is part of different national and international networks which are dealing with youth issues.

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Blendi Dibra