Human Rights-Step by Step Association

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Human Rights-Step by Step Association


28, Saborni Blvd, Varna-9000



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Missions and objectives

-To unite the interests and efforts of its members to coordinate and improve their activities to create a sustainable legal and social environment to protect the interests of disadvantaged citizens: women, children, people with disabilities, members of minority ethnic groups.
-To support the building of a balanced civil society in the country, for equal opportunities and equal representation of men and women and different ethnic groups in the public and private sectors.
-To advocate and work for the establishment of universal and European standards for human rights and the universally recognized values ​​of democracy and humanism.
-To work actively for the protection and promotion of the personal, economic, political, social and cultural rights of women, their protection against violence in all its forms=

Main Activities

Development of programs and projects in the sphere of education, social welfare, legal reform; seeking interaction with other organizations and individuals to achieve the goals of the association; preparation of surveys, comparative and reference materials; building humanitarian and human rights networks in the country and abroad and their integration into international structures; work with local universities to build legal clinics to train staff to work for the goals and ideas of the association; joint activities with universities and other educational institutions for the introduction and validation of a curriculum on gender issues in society in the context of human rights in the international aspect.

Contact person

Elka Krasteva- Chair of the Board