Geoclube – Associação Juvenil

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Geoclube – Associação Juvenil



Centro Cultural de Rio Tinto – Rua da Boavista – 4435-354 Rio Tinto



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Missions and objectives

Promote the active participation and involvement of young people in the defense of environmental issues, democracy, social inclusion and youth entrepreneurship.
The main objective of the association is to foster the active participation and the involvement of young people in the decision-making process of their education and their future. Moreover, Geoclube – Youth Association aims to create opportunities for young people to be active, to participate and to have special interest in issues that concern directly their future, such as Education, Policies, Economics, Democracy, Social problems, Employability and Environment related issues.

Main Activities

Geoclube – Associação Juvenil is a non-profit Youth Association and its main scope of action is social inclusion, youth participation, democracy and young entrepreneurship. Our organization has almost 20 years of experience working at local, national and international level. We promote the importance of the active participation of young people, the social inclusion, the involvement of the educational community (parents, teachers, counsellors and other professionals) and also the involvement of local authorities and the private sector.
Our local activities are mainly:
– Outdoor activities (camping’s, hiking’s, orientation and visits); these are extracurricular activities, organized during the holidays. The main goal is to involve the students, their families and teachers in outdoor activities, promoting stronger bonds between all the participants, outside the school environment, while developing soft skills;
– Workshops and Conferences; although these workshops have different themes, they mainly work towards the active participation of young people and to boost competences of entrepreneurship and employability. For these workshops we usually invite an expert in the specific areas (politics, economics, entrepreneurship) to share his experience and knowledge. We also invite the local community to take part in this activity, because we consider that the information is important for everyone and not only for young people;
– Partners in a Social Inclusion Project – E6G P@ssport’In and now E7G – Passport’In Go in a social neighbourhood where we actively work with young people to promote their participation in the community life with the help of international volunteers.

Our international / European activities are:
– Several projects under the Erasmus+ programme (Training Courses, Seminars and Youth Exchanges) concerning youth participation, active citizenship, democracy, entrepreneurship, social inclusion and others. The aim of these activities is to foster the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities at the European level.
– We are also partners in some projects of Europe for Citizens related with Youth or Culture;
– More recently we are developing projects of Capacity Building in the field of Youth with countries from other regions of the world like Asia, South America or Africa.

Our activities can be followed on our website: or our Facebook or Instagram page

Contact person

Carlos Ferreira