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Future Youth Arms Forum






Missions and objectives

Vision: Towards a conscious, capable and active youth generation that enables both sexes to participate in the active community.
Mission: Empowering and developing the capabilities of young people of both sexes and enhancing their active participation in serving the community and its issues.
1. Building and developing the capacities of youth and women and enabling them to participate in the active community.
2. Increasing society’s awareness of the importance of the role of youth and women and their rights in fair societal and political participation.
3. Develop tools and forms of cultural and artistic creativity, and pay attention to the cultural heritage of the Palestinian society.
4. Enhancing voluntary and community work among young people.

Main Activities

1- Men and Women Program for Gender Equality: The program aims to better understand and address the root causes of gender inequality through an innovative bottom-up approach, by engaging men and boys in achieving gender equality and forming groups of faithful men and youth Community justice and the importance of family and community participation and working together to spread these values in the community.
2- Capacity building for youth and women
In this program, the Youth of Tomorrow Forum seeks to build the capacities of youth and women by providing training courses on various useful topics such as administrative and financial skills, strengthening the language of dialogue and community participation, and enhancing the political and societal participation of women and youth.
3- Program for the protection of cultural and civilizational heritage
It aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the identity and national cultural heritage of the Palestinian people by organizing walking tours to protect archaeological sites, encourage local tourism, and hold cultural and artistic evenings and festivals.
4- برنامج الطفولة
يقوم ملتقى سواعد من خلال هذا البرنامج بتنظيم الدورات الفنية في مجال المسرح والدراما والرسم والكتابة الابداعية لتنمية مواهب الاطفال واقامة المخيمات الصيفية والشتوية والمتخصصة والبيئية وتنفيذ العديد من ايام الفرح والمرح واحياء المناسبات الخاصة بالطفولة. ومن ضمن انشطة البرنامج نادي قصتي لادب الاطفال والذي تم تأسيسه مؤخراً.
5- Lobbying and advocacy program:
Through this program, young people organize lobbying and advocacy campaigns and participate in national lobbying and advocacy campaigns that are concerned with strengthening political participation, strengthening civil rights, and enhancing women’s participation. These activities aim to familiarize young people and women with their rights and thus realize the importance of their role within society and strongly enhance their participation in campaigns.

Contact person

Amin Khallaf