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Missions and objectives

FOOTURA’s main objectives are development and promotion of sport as a tool for positive social impact. We
support all kinds of activities connected to sport, cultural tourism, active lifestyle, youth exchange programs, etc.
Our special target groups are youth and disadvantaged people, this is why we promote amateur and college sport
in order to help these people be active and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – because we in FOOTURA
believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy and happy life.
Our key goals are:
1. Development of youth activities, initiatives, and projects that support healthy lifestyle and physical education.
2. Strengthening current and creating new relationships between citizens, organizations, regions, and other
structures on the basis of sport – both in Bulgaria and abroad.
3. Promoting achievements, projects, and initiatives of individuals and organizations in the field of amateur
4. Creation and development of better infrastructure for practicing sport, which increases motivation and keeps
the commitment of young people.
5. Participation in public life and public dialogue on issues of youth, social integration, and sport.

Main Activities

– Youth empowerment
– Sport and healthy lifestyle – Development of sport and sports culture
– Informal and cultural development

Contact person

Mr. Emiliyan Metodiev