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Farm Cultural Park is one of the most influential independent cultural centers of the contemporary cultural world and one of the most lively projects of rethinking and rebirth of dying cities.

When everything seemed doomed to collapse, a small Cultural Centre choose art and culture to renew an Historical Centre and to give a new identity and a future to a City with no past nor present.

It ‘s always very hard to explain what Farm Cultural Park is.
Every year thousands of artists, creatives, journalists or just visitors share their experiences to rethink new ways to live, work and be together.
For this reason we talk about ”People’s Museum”.

Farm Cultural Park has been the winner of countless awards including the prestigious award of the American Foundation of the same name Curry Stone Design Prize, as one of the 100 international experiences that have produced the greatest social impact in the world in the last ten years; invited in 2012 and 2016 to the Venice Architecture Biennale and published in the most important national and international media such as The Guardian, Vogue and Domus.

In recent years, Farm Cultural Park has been presented in Washington, Pittsburgh and Detroit as a guest of the American State Department, at the Dublin Global Platform, guest of the European Union, in Meishan in China, guest of Unesco and in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of the World Urban Forum 10 hosted by the United Nations.

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countless cities biennial
sou, scuola di architettura per bambini
prime minister, girls empowerment