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Media Production House S.A.R.L for television production has been
established in April 2011.
The company provides worldwide TVs, media institutions, commercial companies,
public and private establishments with sophisticated content provision services,
and all types of television productions as per the highest technical
standards. The main services are concentrated on Media Content Provision,
production services, PR & Media services, Media consultancy & Media
Armed by a specialized, experienced and qualified personnel to ensure an
integrated work starting with the idea, to the processing, the execution and
the delivery, at a high professional level and targeted content.
Presses Partout  can dealing with all aspects that go into creating and
finalizing a product,and can do so in Lebanon and all over the world, from
standard definition projects to high definition ones.



services are detailed as follows:
* Media Content Provision Services:
– Producing various types of documentary films.
– Producing reports and interviews for:
TV broadcasting, TV program contents & Radio broadcasting.
-Producing reports, articles, interviews, and copywriting for online
publishing, and for all types of publications.
-Producing corporate Videos for companies in order to highlight applicable
services and standards.
-Ensuring media coverage for different events and conferences with the
possibility of representing the establishments in overseas conferences and
-Organizing and coordinating artistic, social, commercial and media events,
and producing marketing contents with media coverage.

Presses Partout have had a successful public
relation reputation’s career
over years. We can handle all aspects of events:
-Organizing promotional events
-Planning publicity strategies and campaigns.
-Producing presentations and overseeing production of press release.
-Speaking publicly at press conferences and interviews, as well as providing
you with event’s host with unique written format of speech and
distinguished voice over.
-Analysing media coverage
-Overseeing production of in-house journals, publicity brochures, news
articles, promotional videos.
– Providing commercial companies, media institutions, celebrities and
individuals with media consultancy services & public relation services:
Media marketing services, Press officer services, and public relations.
In addition to the possibility of being appointed as representative office to
the concerned party in the Middle East. Book all types of advertisements in
the Audio-visual, print and online media.
– Providing institutions, individuals, schools, universities, associations,
training centers with media training.

As well as, Presses partout has an online
platform “Presses Partout Magazine”, which is specialized in media
coverage for all types of events, conferences, festivals, PRESS trips, FAM
trips (Familiarization trips), news and activities.