Douzan Art and Cultrue

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Douzan Art and Cultrue


Bey, Eyüpoğlu Cd. No:14



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Missions and objectives

Syrians around the world united by memory, and with a dream of expressing freely and creatively, challenging our diaspora, preserving our heritage, being contemporaneous with our cultural production… And thus, the story of Douzan Art and Culture began.

Douzan Art and Culture is a Syrian non-profit organization launched in Turkey in 2019, to enable Syrians to build their contemporary cultural identity, through: Preserving cultural memory, providing spaces for interaction, building capacities, and enhancing solidarity and cooperation to build our cultural future between the heritage and modernity.

Main Activities

Douzan Art and Culutre focus on three main fields:

1. Contributing to preserving, documenting and making available the Syrian cultural memory and contemporary creative practices.
2. Providing opportunities for cultural interaction and creative participation of Syrians in Syria and Turkey.
3. Contributing to empowering Syrian youth to freely and creatively shape their cultural identity.

Contact person

Rami Magharbeh