Donia for sustainable development

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Donia for sustainable development






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Missions and objectives

Mission and objectives
Donia for Sustainable Development aims to promote sustainable and inclusive growth, with focus on international conventions and treaties.

Donia for Sustainable Development defines ambitious goals as a package designed to promote the comprehensive development and sustainability and to overcome obstacles and barriers in order to achieve good environment and culture in all dimensions. Their work is based on fundamental pillars of development and components of the society and the economy.

The leading objectives of Donia are:

– Promoting citizenship, social justice, gender equality and human rights.
– Building a culture of tolerance, antiviolence and peace.
– Reducing poverty, support and empower vulnerable, marginalized groups and people with special needs and disabilities.
– Adopting general issues and arguing the concerned authorities to implement and activate development projects.
– Promoting sustainable patterns of production and consumption.
– Protection and management of natural resources and economic development.
– Preservation of monument and heritage.
Donia for Sustainable Development mainly works on culture, sports and leisure, civil rights and political life as well as economy and employment at national level. Their target groups are women entrepreneurs and immigrant and refugee women. Donia has between two and five years of work experience in gender equality.


Main Activities

Awareness and training – advocacy – studies