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Documented Experiences (DE) originated from the need to create a community of writers, artists, and musicians, all connected through the love for expression. We are based in Beirut, Lebanon.

We began as a literary club in the summer of 2017, during a thriving art scene. Then, we became an art hub, encompassing literary, visual, and auditory forms of expression.

We continue to practice values we cherish: unfiltered honesty, courage in vulnerability, and collective healing, by engaging people with necessary discussions on the self and the other.

We foster a cultural platform where ideas intermingle. Our events range from open mic nights and speed discussions to gallery visits and movie screenings. We also welcome professionals from the creative field that can push the boundaries of art, offer insight, and inspire the emerging community of artists in Lebanon.

DE has undoubtedly expanded beyond its original scope, with the launch of our web magazine, in English and Arabic. We hope to be where thoughts find home, the destination for unfolded paper planes.

We welcome quality content that speaks to different levels of intellect and artistic comprehension. Explore our theme of the month and out of theme sections, under which you will find poetry, fiction, and nonfiction stories, visuals, and interviews.


Main Activities

discussions, storytelling circles, art and craft workshops, writing circles, art circles and gallery visits, movie screenings, poetry open mics, and music concerts by local musicians.

We host events online and on-ground around differing cafes in Lebanon.