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Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts & Culture







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Missions and objectives

Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture (DAK) is a Palestinian university committed to educating the next generations of creative leaders through innovative and high-quality academic programs and lifelong learning opportunities, underpinned by a culture of entrepreneurship, research, and civic engagement. Currently, there are 20 accredited degree programs of Bachelor of Arts, Diploma and Professional Diploma in non-traditional disciplines, including visual and performing arts, cultural heritage, design and tourism-related studies.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, DAK’s overall goal is “To provide high quality and competitive learning pathways in the fields of Arts and Culture”. In the coming five years, DAK shall strive to 1. Provide opportunities for quality education and training that inspire and nurture talent for professional and creative careers. 2. Create spaces for relevant lifelong learning, civic engagement and intercultural exchange. 3. Secure an effective and up-to-date working environment that promotes active learning and excellence.


Main Activities

DAK is an academic institution. It pursues a two-tiered strategy that is interlinked and mutually interdependent, which triggers a ripple effect starting with the individual and radiating outward to the community and beyond. The tiers are:
(1) the academic tier, which focuses mainly on providing a vital accredited resource for higher education in non-traditional disciplines. It offers advanced training in visual and performing arts, Palestinian cultural heritage, design and tourism-related studies. Currently, there are 20 accredited degree programs of Bachelor of Arts (BA), Diploma and Professional Diploma.
(2) The community outreach tier, Diyar, which seeks to identify, motivate and develop the potential of the communities through a unique and holistic approach where different components are integrated to effect their civic, social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive growth, both individually and as a group. Several critical divisions and programs comprise Diyar, including the Civic Engagement, Culture, Intergenerational/Elderly Program, and Diyar Academy for Children and Youth.  

DAK mainly works with marginalized groups in the Palestinian society, namely youth (18-35 years old), women (18 – 60 years old), children (6-17 years old), and elderly (60 years and above). They represent diverse backgrounds and contexts, while in terms of localities many come from marginalized areas including villages, refugee camps and Area C. The main geographical area of DAK’s work is Palestine. However, there are some regional projects that focus on Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.