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Danube 1245




40, Ivana Filipovica



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Missions and objectives

Development of citizens’ capacity to participate in sustainable local and regional development based on the knowledge and skills of citizens.
1) Danube 1245 realizes regional cooperation for inclusion, connection and action of citizens in the field of sustainable and rural development.
2) Danube 1245 works to protect, preserve and enhance the cultural and natural heritage of the Danube Region in accordance with the Danube Strategy (EUSDR) and the Adriatic-Ionian Region Strategy (EUSIAR).
3) Danube 1245 works on non-formal education, professional development and skills development of citizens in the local community.

Main Activities

The Association “Danube 1245” is a legal entity with the status of non-profit, non-governmental civil society organisation. Association is active local actor in supporting citizens’ initiatives related to sustainable development of the local community and reliable partner in formulation and realization of regional development initiatives. Basic tools used in performing of this mission are citizens’ participation tools, regional cooperation and project based approach. The Association is a local actor involved in development of democracy and participatory decision making on local level, addressing local challenges by formulating and advocating citizens’ activism supporting their active role in the life of community. The Association establishes partnerships and networking with other local actors and municipal administration providing sufficient expertise in addressing the challenges through common projects, participating on meetings or acting in public.
The Association activities are focused on: regional cooperation and joint activities towards regional and local sustainable development; protection and valorisation of local natural and cultural heritage, and work on development of knowledge in the local community based on non-formal education and training of citizens (academia sector).
Danube 1245 is skilled in using the toolbox for citizens’ participation and in organisation of various meetings and events. The organisation is skilled to manage all stages of Project Cycle as a tool for formulation of local challenges and solutions, formulation of project documentation, implementation of project activities, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of performed activities. In a last 3 years, Association already, took part in 10 projects financed under EU programs and established cooperation with more than 50 international partners. Danube 1245 was a Lead partner on 1 EU financed project.
The Association’s staff are skilled in project management (certified), training (certified), networking (as a member of various associations, locally and internationally), moderation and facilitation of various meetings and events, especially in usage of citizen participation toolbox.

Contact person

Dejan Gluvacevic