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Missions and objectives

The Cultural Street is a non-profit NGO, independent of any political affiliation in its direction, vision, mission, and work.It has been established since 2005 with a decree number 268/AD Issued by the Lebanese ministry of Interior.Its main goal is to develop leadership and initiative skills on the level of the individual and the community academically, creatively, and socially.Our main objective is to spread awareness among the youth and deepen their cultural and intercultural thinking skills, social skills, citizenship skills, mental skills, and creative skills to empower them to build a better community and boost the society on various levels.
The objectives of the NGO:
1- develop the cultural and social knowledge in the city through conducting workshops and hosting activities that tend to develop the cultural value if the city.
2- To foster culture knowledge through all types of creative arts that tend to reveal the hidden talents of the young.
3-Conducting charitable, and social events in collaboration with other NGOs in Lebanon.
4- Enhance the relation with officials and initiate and share ideas with decision makers in order to preserve the cultural value of the city by proposing projects designed by experts in the field, seeking to make change on a significant level.

Main Activities

– Education and cultural creativity.
– Enhance the youth to create and participate in the society.
– A documentary and Study of the Main street of old City of Saida (Al Motran Street – Shakrieh)
– Charity and support aids (during the Holy month of ramadan)

Contact person

Zaher El Bizri