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CRIMMD Museum of Nigerian history






138 Ejigbo-Idimu road





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Missions and objectives

To preserve, and document Nigerian history
To educate younger Nigerians and the world on Nigeria history, culture and traditions.


Main Activities

A Nigerian Museum of photo history, rich with photographs and portraits of the slave trades and its relics, through to the famous Berlin Conference of 1884/85; the era of Explorers (Expedition) of Dr. Mungo Park, Richard Landers and others. A pictorial roll call of who is who in Nigeria political as well as social circle, notable people in the News; Nigeria women of substance and achievers; Events of the century; the Nigeria Civil War and many others. We also curate old Nigerian music from the late 50’s to year 2000. We have over 40, 000 photos. There are in addition, archaeological materials, some historical relics, like stamps dating back to the era of the first post office in Nigeria. Old currency and coins – Dating to the period, prior to the establishment of the West African Currency Board: samples of used various forms of money including cowries and manilas and other strange commodities that were also used as a form of exchange known as barter. Maps of Nigeria displaying state creations from the protectorate era to the present 36 states, old and new national anthem and the composers, amalgamations speeches and all coup speeches, symbols of coat of arms, flags and the personalities behind them. There is also the book section, hosting great biographies of Nigerians (226 biographies so far), Nigeria history books, Military books, Civil war books and who’s who in Nigeria books.


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Raphael James


Something to add?

We are updating daily and adding new materials to the museum and now we are expanding to enable us to acquire more historical items.