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Contemporary Art center Skopje



Blvd. Goce Delcev DTC Mavrovka Lam.A 1/10, 1000 Skopje


North Macedonia

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Missions and objectives

CAC – Skopje is cultural center that facilitates artistic and cultural production with a view to establish sustainable cultural scene, improve overall cultural life in Macedonia through development and support to diverse local cultural initiatives, and create conditions for decentralized social and cultural life. CAC’s mission is to promote creative activism and guerilla art actions aimed to address community problems and open debate about problems in our society.
Strategic objectives:
1. To provide enabling environment for artists working on politically relevant topics
2. To increase funding opportunities and support for artistic and cultural production and promotion
3. To increase cultural audiences in both qualitative and quantitative terms
4.To provide education and capacity-building to CSOs, communities and artists in the field of art activism and creative communications
5. To promote and support creative artistic activist actions for resolution of problems at community level and in the society
6. To ensure access to cultural events for residents of rural regions across Macedonia
7. To build capacity of local communities and local CSOs on production of local community-oriented cultural and development initiatives.
8. To increase opportunities for cultural practitioners in rural regions to create and organize cultural events with broad community involvement

Main Activities

CAC’s main programs include:
• Visual Arts and Mobile Gallery;
• Independent Culture and Capacity Building;
• Cultural and Social Development of Rural Areas and Small Communities;
• Creative Communications, Artistic Activism and Urban Art.

Contact person

Nikola Pisarev, program director