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Center for Empowerment Ethiopia – CEE






Wolaita Soddo, SNNP Region





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Field of work

Human Rights


Missions and objectives

We are a non-profit organization with a vision to end the violence against individuals and families, and to foster equality and empowerment for all. We provide prevention, crisis intervention, human rights, democracy, and support services.


Main Activities

We are a non-governmental organization registered in Ethiopia. We serve charity activities for the needs of individuals and families in the Ethiopian communities, particularly in southern Ethiopia. We work primarily for women and Youth Empowerment and also projects related to Women and Gender, Peace and Tolerance, Human Rights and Justice, Environment and Climate Change, democracy, Good Governance, and Art and Culture.


Contact person

Dr. Bisrat Elias


Something to add?

We are eager to be a member and want to make a partnership agreement with ARAB CULTURE AND ARTS NETWORK