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Casa de Produção Audiovisual






Dili, Timor-Leste



Timor Leste


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Field of work

Human Rights


Missions and objectives

Mission: Casa de Produção Audiovisual strives to be the voice for the voiceless in order to be a bridge for those who are deprived of information and to be a platform for the youth and the marginalized to participate and to have equal chances in the process of nation building.

Objectives: building peace through valuing human dignity and promotion of cultural practices


Main Activities

Some of CPA’s activities:

* Producing Documentaries
* Recording the Stories of the marginalized
* Be a platform for the youth to showcase their voices, talents and skills in art
* Promoting the art and the culture of the Timorese
* Promoting Timorese culture through documentary


Contact person

Rui Nunes Muakandala


Something to add?

Casa de Produção Audiovisual has been operating in Timor Leste since 2002. Some of CPA’s works are as the following:
“Istoria ba Futuru” History for the Future (2004-2008)
“Istoria ba Futuru” is produced with an aim to help Timorese embrace their own history as a nation Forty-Eight episodes of “History for the future” has been broadcasted through TVTL, the national network TV in Timor Leste.

“Povu nia Fiar” Beliefs of the People (2007-2008)
“Povun nia Fiar” tells of the story of 450 years peaceful introduction and acculturation of Christianity into Timorese culture. This program highlights the stories of loves that the creator has shown to Timorese people through the Church. Sixteen episodes of “Beliefs of the People” have been broadcasted on TVTL.

“Povu Nia Matenek” Wisdom of the People (2009-2012)
“Povu nia Matenek” showcases the works of local communities in Timor Leste. This program is intended to promote local products and skills of Timor Leste on TV. This program also develops a sense of pride and ownership in Timorese local wisdom. Thirteen Episodes of “Wisdom of the people” has been screened in TVTL.

“Labarik Nia Mundu” Children’s World (2011-2012)

“Labarik Nia Mundu” is a 30-minute literacy program for children age 5-9 that will encourage them to read and to enjoy reading. The program will utilize music, animation, and stories that appeal to children.

“Dalan ba Futuru” The Road to the Future (2012-2025)
“Dalan ba Futuru” is a Television documentary series, profiling the districts of Timor Leste. CPA aims to raise the concerns and issues of the youth and the marginalized and to disseminate messages of peace and sustainable development. 22 episodes have been produced on 13 districts; they consists of over 50 stories on agricultural cooperatives, local products, access to education and health, women achievers, victims of violence, ability of differently-able, traditional food, dances, music etc. These were telecast twice a week on the national television; they were also screened to 30 communities in the districts to an audience of 2000 women, men and children. Besides the aforementioned programs, Casa de Producao Audiovisual also creates values multi-media products: TV Programs, shorts dramas, comic books, print designs, and animation programs.