Bee On Set Productions

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Bee On Set Productions










Missions and objectives

We wish to produce films and series that will uplift the market in hope that soon enough we will have a promising industry!


Main Activities

“Bee on set productions” was founded in Beirut in 2016. The highlight of our portfolio was in 2021, when “Death of a Virgin and the sin of not Living” written and directed by “George Peter Barbari” was officially competing in the Panorama section in Berlinale. This was the first project that we produce from preparation up until the festival run.

The company has line produced “Confessions of a fashionista” for Shahid in 2021, the first Netflix Original series in the Mena Region “JINN” in Jordan in 2018, “and the feature film “TV society” in 2017, alongside 10 short films that have been well recognized in several festivals internationally. From content development, to budget study, casting, location scouting, pre production, production and post production, along side the festival and distribution tasks are what Bee On Set Productions handle.