Name of the organization or artist

Basta Theatre








Missions and objectives

Basta Theatre is an independent artistic collective that was initiated in Jerusalem in 2015 by gathering youth artists and activists, touring its artistic community-based performances and interventions in public spaces in Palestine and abroad. It aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for the creativity of Palestinian youth in various fields, to employ art practices in a closer manner to the people, their needs, and to contribute to creating dialogue on artistic, cultural, social, and political issues.

Basta Theatre’s working process encapsulates its mission and values to stay: inclusive through integrating performing arts in collaborative working processes with various civil society and community-based organizations and groups. Engaging through addressing social issues, developing and implementing participatory approaches, in research, production, and presentation processes. Efficient through cost-efficient production, collection, and repurposing of available resources by the community.


Main Activities

Basta has taken the basta (the traditional wagon used for display in Palestinian streets), as a main visual element in its visual identity and as a scenography element in its performances, in a way to represent the Basta platform as a place of activism and inclusion. Using participatory and creative learning methods, we have successfully established a community-based platform to affect social change through creative practices and address various social issues such as rights for people with disabilities, freedom of press, teachers’ working rights, women sexual health, women rights, political prisoners’ rights, gender equality, corruption, societal values, and other topics.