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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication





House: 9/4 Road:2, Shamoli, Dhaka





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Field of work

Human Rights


Missions and objectives

To enable a media literate, informed and participative society so that the underserved societies can shape their lives and livelihoods through the following:

• Fostering public debate, media pluralism and democracy using the power of information and communication
• Amplifying the voices of vulnerable, marginalized and excluded people in development debates
• Working with media and other information stakeholders to support people and communities to bring about positive changes in their lives and livelihoods


Main Activities

BNNRC’s Strategic Directions highlight five key areas of focus in delivering the new mission:

• Generate on-demand appropriate visual content.
• Foster social dialogue to establish development agenda through collaboration, knowledge exchange and advocacy.
• Promote people-centered approach that invests in human potential using media for inclusive societies to address the challenges of digital transformation.
• Enable equitable and fairer digitalization process
• Strengthen BNNRC as an organization


Contact person

AHM Bazlur Bazlur Rahman