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Association African Village Slovenia






Celovška Cesta 69c





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Missions and objectives

We combine. We help. Having fun.

The Association African Village brings together Africans living in Slovenia and all those interested in African culture, history, and future.

Through thematic evenings, lectures, presentations, and workshops, it spreads knowledge about Africa and helps to learn about its culture, promotes positive awareness of Africa, and helps its development.


Main Activities

Learning African languages (Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba etc.)

Organization of African festival in Slovenia

Social evenings for the African Diaspora

Travel lectures

Children’s classes

Birthday celebrations

Variety of African food and drinks

And much more!


Contact person

Daniel Nzotam


Something to add?

The festival we organize is called African VasFest is a three-day festival that aims to showcase a wide range of African cultures through fashion, art, sport, cuisine, and music. The event aims to develop and strengthen the spirit of tolerance and multiculturalism. It is also an excellent opportunity for networking between participants of different ethnic backgrounds.
We want to create a common space not only for Africans but for all those who are inspired by Africa and its colorfulness in every sense of the word. Let us promote, network, share, learn and spread the eloquence of African cultures and traditions through fashion, cuisine, music, and art.