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About Lisboa Mistura:

Lisboa Mistura is an intercultural festival with a focus on new cultural tendencies and innovative formats as well as a strong interest in geo-cultural characteristics of the city of Lisbon.
By inviting a diverse selection of local and international artistic projects, the festival is seeking for the reaffirmation of Lisbon as a “cidade‐mundo” (city-world) by finding new ways of presenting music and the surrounding arts in a site-specific context and highlighting a variety of geo-cultural practices of performing arts from all over the world, reflecting on the cultural and historic DNA of the city.

Lisboa Mistura is dedicated to community work and educational projects ever since its foundation in 2006. Apart from the concert program the festival organizes educational workshops for young people in off-center neighborhoods in Lisbon throughout the year – the artistic results of those workshops are then being presented in the city center during the festival. Lisbon has the privilege to be a city where the encounter with the “other” has been happening for centuries – and continues to happen. Lisboa Mistura is set up to create structures to continue those encounters in the present and future by promoting alternative forms of togetherness to face the challenges of modern society.

Lisboa Mistura wants to invite people with different backgrounds to tell their stories and illustrate cultural diversity, to encourage a new way of living together in a “different” Lisbon – one that we know already exists, even before it becomes completely visible… We want to encourage the creation of a better city by de-ghettoisation of different communities.

Lisboa Mistura also wants to be a symbolic reminder of not giving up on the spiritual world, on social creativity and the distinctiveness of every individual. Because in a world without culture, without memory, without roots, the only thing left would be materialism – and that should never be a guideline for good governance, not on a global and not on an urban level. Lisboa Mistura is always living on the edge and is fighting for its liberty with all of its soul, but it ensures its survival with its capacity to picture different identities and create a vision for the future, based on the authentic urban identity, that is often hidden. Lisboa Mistura has been the conscious memory and the structure of our urban space.


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Networks, Festivals, Eduction, Music, Jazz/Improvisation


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Catarina Fernandes