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ASHTAR Theatre





Sunrise Building, Al Irsal Street, Al Irsal Street





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ASHTAR Theatre


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Missions and objectives

² To help create imaginative, progressive and productive Palestinian youth, able to express themselves, and communicate with others and their surroundings creatively.

² To contribute to the creation of a cultured society that adopts the principles of freedom, justice and equality through theatre training and productions.

² To utilize theatre as a tool to encourage and assert marginalized groups, youth and women to become agents of social change.

² To expand the local theatre skills and reach out globally with our local artistry.


Main Activities

ASHTAR has three major programs:
* Youth Theatre
– Drama Training and productions
– Teachers Training
– International Youth Theatre Festival

* Professional Theatre
– producing original plays and touring locally and internationally
– co-producing internationally and touring

* Community Theatre
– Theatre of the Oppressed Training locally and internationally
– Producing Forum Theatre with actors
– Producing forum Theatre with non-actors