أسم الجمعية أو الفرد

Sun eye association for development and rehabilitation

البريد الإلكتروني


Yatta, Hebron, Palestine



الأهداف والمهام

1- Al-Wafa School for Special Education and the Deaf and Dumb: A school that deals with students with hearing disabilities (deaf and dumb), holding the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Education.
2- Rehabilitation Department of Supportive Devices: – Supporting devices are provided free of charge on loan.
3- Development and Relief Department: _ Providing a package of development and relief services to the poorest and marginalized families, especially people with disabilities and their families.
4- Awareness and Education Section, Monitoring and Documenting Violations: Awareness campaigns, workshops, seminars, and others

الأنشطة الرئيسية

1- Development of people with special needs in education and rehabilitation.
2- Achieving justice and inclusion for people with special needs.

الشخص المعني بالإتصال

mohammed abu aghnam