Laona Foundation

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Laona Foundation for the Conservation and Regeneration of the Cypriot Countryside






P.O. Box: 50257, CY – 3602, Limassol, Cyprus






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Missions and objectives

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable regeneration of the countryside in Cyprus and beyond, including communities and their heritage, both natural and cultural.
Our objectives are:
Regenerating the Cypriot countryside sustainably and supporting its communities
Preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the countryside, especially its landscape, architecture and traditions
Protecting and highlighting the importance of distinctive areas, such as the Akamas peninsula and the terraced landscapes of Cyprus
Confronting desertification, preserving the soil and its optimum utilisation
Encouraging a return to agriculture with smart and sustainable practices.
Encouraging sustainable tourism as an opportunity for rural areas, not as a panacea
Sharing and exchanging expertise with NGOs in Cyprus and abroad, cooperating with academic institutions and national and local authorities
Advocating its positions on sustainability at local, national, European and international level


Main Activities

– Topic 1 – Saving the Akamas Peninsula from destructive development, so that it can benefit current and future generations.
– Topic 2 – Rural development, including the Common Agricultural Policy and mobility in the countryside.
– Topic 3 – Mapping the landscape of Cyprus and beyond.
– Topic 4 – Cultural heritage and enhancing its significance.