Center for Development, Democracy and Governance

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Center for Development, Democracy and Governance






5th Floor, Block B, Al Asmar Building, Dbayeh






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Missions and objectives

Our mission:
CDDG aims at empowering local communities in Lebanon to achieve sustainable socio-economic development, improving locals’ access to social services, and enhancing governance practices of local partners.
– Empower women to engage in public affairs
– Works to serve the needy families

Our objectives:
Disseminating the concepts of sustainable development so as to build a socially, economically, and politically developed society. Working towards achieving total governance throughout the Lebanese society by reinforcing participatory, consensus oriented decision making, accountability, transparency, responsivity, effectiveness and efficiency, equitability and inclusivity, and the abidance to laws. Fighting corruption and defending the rights of the minorities and the most vulnerable.


Main Activities

– Agricultural support
– Energy supply & management
– Environment & reforestation
– Health sector development
– Technical assistance
– Waste management
– Water management
– Youth & women empowerment