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Palestine Gaza Strip Khan Yunis Khuza’a Marginalized areas



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Missions and objectives

The charity aims to achieve the followings:
1- Contribute in the overall community development process.
2- Social developmental welfare to the Palestinian family.
3- Work on establishing developmental projects and residential centers for needy families.
4- Organize training courses include cultural and community areas.
5- Present Social assistance for people with disabilities, orphans, widows and the elderly.
6- Contribute to the social field service sectors of caring of childhood and motherhood.

Main Activities

Al waleed Charity

Nowadays, living in Gaza is a challenge. But despite war, death, siege, blockade and poverty, Gazas people still love life within their closed modern society which recently has turned to be a relief society depending on the international humanitarian assistance mainly for food.
“ We as people of Gaza, will never stop seeking for a better and honorable life” said a young disable man lost his right leg in the 2014 war .
Al waleed Charity
Al waleed Charity was founded in 2006 and granted its license in 2008 as a charitable society. It has been working in serving people of the province of Khan Younis since 2006, it has also been working in providing relief assistance to needy families after the war in 2012. On the other hand, it worked in providing psychological support to the families of all the categories during and after wars. Therefore, and after 2014 war, Al waleed Charity turned to be a pioneer in providing relief and emergency services to the bereaved families in partnership with international and local institutions. They provided tents, psychological support and entertainment for every affected family from all categories of the society as well as providing support to those students with low academic achievement with the help of “Teacher Ibdaa Association” for a full academic year, and consequently Al Waleed Charity is marked as the best charitable society at the level of the Gaza Strip.
Meanwhile, It also provided tents to the bereaved families in the area of Alzenh and Abassan with the Italian association of “ Aktd” and “Fares El Arab association” as well as working to provide water tanks of 1000 liters capacity for those who have been affected with the ACF Foundation. Needless to say that there has been a significant lack of water after the war.

Khoza’a, in which Al Waleed Charity is operating its activities, has a population of 15,000 people and the recent war destroyed everything in this town leaving it as a disastrous town. The war destroyed 650 houses completely, and 1,200 homes were partially destroyed and left as uninhabitable for human being since they are in danger of falling down anytime. The rest of the houses were damaged partia
lly that their owners keep staying there despite the damage. The people of this town mainly rely on farming, the time the war destroyed all their farming properties and tools such as the greenhouses, olive trees, citrus and others. The war also affected badly livestock and poultry farms. Briefly, the Israeli War over Gaza and Khoza’a in particular, executed all aspects of economic life. Still, if we have a look on the educational side, many young learners have been psychologically affected from fear and horror, causing as a result cases of bedwetting, night panic and many other psychological problems that have affected their educational achievement making them of weak and late students.
There is also the town’s large number of disabled who rarely find the needed help and support as for the many kinds of lack of interests and services such as the deterioration of electricity, network and the lack of a sewage disposal. All these things in turn, cause a negative impact on the people of the town and cause them psychological problems which are also in need of suitable and necessary psychological treatment.
The Charity is also working to make a distinctive social services as the residents of this town are mostly rural , still they have the right to participate in the elections, and the right to run for the nomination as well as the women rights of having their active role in the local community..
The Charity, from another aspect, cares about Education especially the women and the disabled rights to receive education as well as working on reducing illiteracy among women who did not receive education or have been deprived of education.

Al Waleed Charity is also interested in the health aspect as it works to present lectures and meetings for health education and care of women and defining the early detection of chronic diseases especially cancer as it has recently started to appear obviously and widely in Gaza strip. Helping in reducing pain, the charity is working in delivering sessions in first aid and skills of nursing. We were worked with Sweden Palestinian solidarity that projects in safe areas for children , arab ahli hospital in health field in check cancer and provide medicine for sickness people , ard el ensan Palestinian , PCRF , LIFE , hope pridge charity , BENGO and WAC
Al waleed Charity is working hard to contribute in the reducing the different forms of the negative culture prevailing in the Palestinian society.
Finally, It’s important not to forget that this Charity keeps Activating the role of women politically to get her to decision-making positions.

Contact person

Areej Al Masry