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Al Balad Theater





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Missions and objectives

Al Balad Theater is a multi-purpose performing arts space with aims to promote emerging and established artists from Jordan, the region, and the world by providing rehearsal and performances spaces to showcase their work. Al Balad Theater also contributes to strengthening cultural movements in Jordan by cooperating with a wide range of performing art groups locally and globally. It carries out many activities such as theater, dance, urban arts, and music performances as well as three main festivals around the year (Al Balad Music Festival, Baladk and Hakaya Storytelling Festival). It hosts training workshops in the performing arts, promotes independent artistic and cultural production, and artistic regional and international exchange. Al Balad Theater is now relocated and is renovating an old cinema in Jabal Amman to be their new home as of 2021.

Theater objectives:
1. Provide new performance spaces for various contemporary arts (theatre, dance, cinema, music, visual arts) to host Jordanian, Arab, and international artists.
2. Develop the relationship with the community through the establishment of a multi-purpose cultural center.
3. Provide spaces for rehearsals and workshops for young artists.
4. Open new channels of communication and cooperation with various art organizations in the Arab world and abroad through the presentation of performances from different countries all year round.
5. Provide a space for young artists to present their artistic work and experimentation in the field of theatre, dance, and music.
6. Provide specialized programs for children


Main Activities

– AlBalad Music Festival
– Hakaya Festival
– Baladk Street and Urban Arts Festival
– Waw al Balad is an online magazine specialized in culture and art published by Al Balad Theater.application and website and a podcast (radio baladak).