Aida Youth Center

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Aida Youth Center



Al bandak – Street, Aida Refugee Camp



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Missions and objectives

Our mission is to empower youth to take a leading and creative role to serve the local community. We believe in holding the utmost values of responsibility and transparency, and that with everyone’s participation we can make creative, positive changes.

1. Active participation of youth in societal issues and developing their 21st century skills.

2. Developing the capacities of young people to do freelance work to reduce unemployment.

3. Develop the skills of artistic, cultural, sports and extra-curricular activities for children and youth

4. Raising awareness of camp visitors and the local community about the Palestinian cause.

5. Applying the foundations of good governance

6. Developing the administrative and technical staff

7. Reinforcing resources and fundraising

8. Strengthening cooperation and partnership with institutions operating in the same sector.

9. Reinforcing the media role of the institution and reinforcing trust in the local community

10. Lobbying and advocating for the different causes.

Main Activities

-Sports activities
-Arts activities
-advocacy activities
-educational activities

Contact person

Anas Abu Srour