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Missions and objectives

A25 Cultural Foundation is a non-governmental organization created in 2011. It attempts to initiate, support and take part in cultural and social events which present various viewpoints with respect and interest, promote intelligent and meaningful dialogue, and discover what is fresh and current behind clichés and stereotypes. The tasks A25 has set for itself are concerned with discovery and promotion of natural creative links between the different arts and different cultures and research of adequate cultural policies as a prerequisite for strongly sustainable society.


Main Activities

Since 2011 A25 team has been developing own research and policy capacity as well as its advocacy skills through active participation in collaborative initiatives with other NGOs, cooperation with national institution as well as media partnerships for rising awareness. Among the activities, which have been implemented effectively, could be mentioned: introducing a concept of the Institute for Culture next to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria for transition towards digital cultural diplomacy; carrying out a “Diversity on the Other Side of the Wall” workshop, aimed to reverse the Western-centric perspective of the debate on diversity issues; managing 8 editions of a long-term initiative for contemporary dance and performance establishing not only that art form in the cultural agenda of Sofia audience, but also supporting young artists in their debut; building sustainable partnerships with Bulgarian independent cultural sector enhancing better visibility of their work and sufficient media presence of culture and arts; coordination of a series of five seminars in different Bulgarian towns, aiming to raise awareness on a local level about the role of culture and independent cultural organizations during the 2014-2020 programming period of the EU structural funds; initiating “Cultural ‘adequation” project on cultural orientation of refugees and asylum seekers in order to support the new members of Bulgarian society to effectively and actively participate in the their new environment and exercise their right to access to cultural goods; long-term collaborations with two Bulgarian media for regular presence of reliable cultural content accessible for wider audience.